Tuesday, February 19, 2013

#4 How to appreciate Al-Quran more

Assalamualaikum my friend

So,here i am late again for one day one article campaign
so sorry..

Sorry also for my bad english..i dont mean it...

So today i would to share my opinion on how to appreciate Al-quran more

I think i dont have to explain what is Al-Quran,how Al-quran should be functioning in our life because i think everyone already know this stuff..

I actually used to wonder where are the part in the Al-quran people said is miracaleous(how to spell this)
beside the verse that talked about science stuff,because the the science part is likely to be minor part only..

so,long story short,i actually came across video featuring Nouman Ali Khan (the same video i share on previous post) where Ustad Nouman explain the beauty of Al-quran beside science related part..which is language used in Al-quran..the explanation so clear and i actually get the point why we are actually kind of abandoning this part of quran miracelous...

Lost in translation is the perfect answer for that...
we can understad this concept when we hear some joke which made in maybe our secondary language and we cannot laugh at all because we cannot grab the joke(i dont know how to explain this)

the only solution is to mastering the language of Al-quran which is arab...
but for this time i think it just enough if we can try to learn from someone already mastering arab..

So,i suggest for you guys to watch Nouman Ali Khan on you tube and you can find many awesome lectures upon many verse in Al-quran and i guarranty (dont know how to spell again) you will appreciate Al-quran like never before..


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