Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Crazy people..

Assalamualaikum ikhwah..
harap sihat sentiasa..

ada cerita nak share ni..
aritu masa sebelum start klass fluid mechanic,cikgu ana berkongsi sesuatu..
dia kata yang adiknya(if not forgotten) nak pergi umrah dengan femly dia,
adiknya sebenarnya berhempas pulas menyelesaikan banyak benda sebelum fly..
jadi dia berkata  kat adik dia..

"Dont you think that orang yang pergi haji dan umrah ni adalah orang yang gila?They tawaffing the kaabah ,running along safa and marwa,they bertahallul,they wear ihram where its actually not comfortable for man....

Bagi ana,apabila mendengar cerita cikgu ana tu ana terus shock..
dan bagi ana bagi orang lain pun mereka terdetik kekeliruan..
tapi actually for a real muslim,they actually has to be among the "ulul albab";They hear story,they not straightly jump into conclusion,try to think something which call ibrah from the story..

so after that i am pretty sure that my lecturer is clever enough to declare a statement like im stay cool..hehe
then he actually continue his story
"This crazzy people adalah orang yang gilakan TUHAN mereka..."
i was like

Yes, i am totally agree with his statement..I actually want to be among that "crazy" people
They do everything that our Lord ask..dont care others thought..

Masa tu perasaan ana x berbunga2
Yeeeahh! i find my reason back to fight..i have to be the best daie so other people will know that Islam is the BEST!!

Thank you sir for the sharing..
Jom usaha sama2...

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